I help you to be confident, overcome self-doubts and build meaningful connections.

Without facing rejection or change who you are !


If you recognise yourself in at least one of the following points, then click on the red button and we will solve these problems together:

  • You fear rejection or being seen as someone weird
  • You are too shy to speak up, even when you should
  • You can't get over your inner critic
  • You never set boundaries. And if you do, you feel bad.
  • You lack confidence and the ability to present yourself

... no matter how old you are, whether you are rich or poor, chubby or skinny, tall or short, square or circle...

... I believe in you and that you can life a confident life and become your Authentic and Charismatic Self!

Do you believe in yourself, too?

Dominik van Awe
Helping you from being invisible to becoming unstoppable