Stop that negative voice in your head for good.

» In just 5 days!

The 5 Day Anti-Doubt Challenge helps you to stop that voice in your head that tells you, that you're not good enough... That you are not attractive and no woman would ever go out with you... That you should not even try at all... And then, when you don't try, it tells you what a loser you are, for not even trying...

Break with it and become more than you are right now!

Exclusive Coachinggroup!

Surrounded by a small group of like-minded men will help you to really do the challenge, instead of it being like your last gym membership

Direct Support

I am constantly given my everything in the exclusive Whatsapp Group and answering every question in detail. Specific to YOUR individual situation.

Live Calls

5 Days - 5 Live Calls to really push you and give you everything you need to conquer yourself.

You are going to learn & do THIS in the Anti-Doubt Challenge...

  • Easily identify hidden ways you inner critic is sabotaging you
  • Stop feeling down or frustrated and build strong confidence
  • Use the S.T.O.P. Method to always stay on top of your destructive thoughts
  • Transform the inner critic into a friend
  • Be in control of your critic and attract women effortlessly
  • The HUT: An intensive meditation that changes you (WARNING! Only for tough ones!)

Because of the the individual support I give you to overcome YOUR inner critic, this challenge is limited on 10 spots max!

Registration via IG DM only! click @dominik.van.awe

Next Challenge: 

March 18 - 22  full

March 28 - April 1 3 spots left

June 4 - 8 (registration not open, yet)

Usual price:

47,00 $




Frequent Questions...

  • Men that suffer from their inner critic and want to overcome the feeling of not being good enough. 
    Not enough as a man, as a potential partner, as a human being.
    This challenge will turn that voice around.

  • I want to speak with you first and find out what YOUR personal challenges are. Maybe the challenge is not the right one for you. I will tell you then and if necessary happily point you in another direction. 
    Don't worry: You will get then a booking link, where you have full customer safety on your side
  • That's why we need to speak first. 
    I am trained in handling that, but still its sometimes not the best to start with a challenge like mine, since on day 4 we will do pretty intense stuff.

  • We will form a small group of people LIKE YOU. 
    Through the last 13 years of my experience coaching men, I found that a tribe of men will easily and immediately form a safe space for transformation. 
    We will have a daily Challenge Call, where you will learn the why and how of each progressive step along the way to easy, fast and safely stop your inner critic to sabotage you. 
    You can ask any question in our closed Whatsapp group and get immediate answers from me. 

    You will achieve big things in these 5 days and I‘m so looking forward to see the smile on your face anfter that 5 days!

Anti-Doubt Challenge

The one-stop method to overcome your inner critic and the feeling of not being enough as a man, partner or human being. 

Be brave and join me on this life changing adventure!